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£ 55.00 (£ 55.00 excl VAT) each Addition of Lemo socket ACS-1
£ 35.00 (£ 35.00 excl VAT) each Oboe Microphone Mount ACS-9-19
£ 65.00 (£ 65.00 excl VAT) each Cylindrical Power Adaptor ACS-18-3
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Just to let you know (I know you know already, but I'm going to say it anyway)  - the kit is AMAZING! Really saved my fingers on Christmas. It will see lots and lots of use :) Tamsin


....Just to let you know I'm delighted with the mics.  They are so much better than the AKGs or Sennheisers I tried before..... - Brenda  ... -Brenda -

....The mixer amplifier (harp amplifier)is a great compact design with fantastic ease of use, comprehensive controls and a surprising feature set including detailed EQ section and selection of reverberation and other effects, all couched in a beautiful warm sound with great clarity..... - Fraya  ... -Brenda -

....Thanks for that - yes I got it now and wow, I am totally delighted with it. Gives a stunning sound off my violin. Really, really pleased..... - James  ... -Brenda -

....I just finished playing for High Holidays services for our synagogue. My new violin mic worked flawlessly, both in a large setting with many musicians and monitors, and in a smaller hall.  .....Thank you for making us all so happy! - Karen  ... -Brenda -